TOMI Adds Additional Manufacturer to Produce SteraMist Equipment


TOMI is pleased to report that manufacturing operations have begun with Planet Innovation, an overseas manufacturing partner in Australia. As the world continues to better understand the gravity of enhanced disinfection, TOMI has made the manufacturing decision in anticipation of continued demand increase for SteraMist disinfection products.

Planet Innovation offers greater production capability with a large production floor, providing the ability to house product and accommodate increased production activity. Orders will now be fulfilled with a shorter overall lead time that includes expedition of new and outstanding orders to meet and exceed customer expectations, which is of paramount importance.

Planet Innovation specializes in healthcare technology and product commercialization, with an established portfolio spanning well over a decade. As a result of its significant growth in the first half of 2020, TOMI has made strides in growing and evolving its research and quality control divisions, both of which have been involved in ongoing discussions to ensure regulatory compliance and quality consistency. These discussions are the culmination of many hours of hard work and cooperation on the part of both TOMI and Planet Innovation.

This new partnership offers an expansive wealth of opportunities to both TOMI and highly valued customers. The geography of this new manufacturer provides a benefit of increased product availability internationally, allowing for the significant growth of existing and future SteraMist product end users into the Asia Pacific region, EU and Africa. TOMI has had the pleasure of collaborating with the manufacturer throughout the last few months to assist in the streamlining of production. The contract has a three (3) year term. TOMI is looking forward to a continued mutual commitment to innovation and quality.

Stuart Elliott, co-CEO and co-founder of Planet Innovation, states: “TOMI is a great example of a manufacturer proactively looking to protect its supply chain by dual sourcing. The COVID pandemic has really shone a light on a lot of manufacturers’ reliance on a single supplier or country. This is something TOMI recognized, and we’re delighted they selected Planet Innovation to be their global manufacturing partner. With SteraMist products currently in huge demand, our manufacturing team worked closely with TOMI to get the products into production in record time, shipping our first units two months after our first discussions.

” Elissa J. Shane, TOMI COO, states: “With the ever-evolving landscape of infection control and disinfection changing each day, we are excited to announce this opportunity that will ultimately allow us to bring the power of SteraMist to more customers and more locations than ever before. The future expectations of TOMI Environmental Solutions is to see continued growth in the areas of supply and demand for our products across the board.”

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