World Class Disinfection Service

You simply cannot get better decontamination service. SteraMist® BIT™ is the first EPA registered Equipment + Solution for Healthcare- Hospital Disinfecting. BIT™ solution has a sole active ingredient of 7.8% hydrogen peroxide. (EPA Reg. No. 90150-2).

Does NOT require a wet contact time (EPA label contact time 5 seconds per ft2). 
Disinfection on surface including high touch, sensitive equipment, and electronics.
Leaves no residue and does not contaminate the environment with any toxic by-products. Fragrance free, bleach free. 
Physical kill by destroying bacterial cell wall. High log kill of bacteria, bacteria spores, fungus spores, and viruses. Product performance is supported by GLP efficacy data. Can be used for outbreak preparedness and EPA regisistered including, List K: C.difficile, List G: Norovirus, List M: Influenza A, and List L: Ebola.

Cost Effective Disinfection

Office areas
High traffic areas
Meeting rooms
Plant areas
Production areas
Scalable service
*selection of most suitable disinfection for your application

Cost Effective

Large Area Disinfection Service
Indoor & outdoor spaces
Warehouses of any size
Manufacturing plants
Construction sites
Indoor and outdoor equipment
*selection of most suitable disinfection for your application