Steramist, disinfection & decontamination of P95 respirator mask

Protocol for disinfecting masks, this is for both P95 and R95 masks.

TOMI is working with many partners both in university healthcare research and government agencies on validation of this protocol.  An additional piece will be distributed by the end of the week with validation and images of the work being conducted.

1. SteraMist® technician should don PPE that is suitable for exposure to both nuisance-level organic vapor and any contaminant that may be on respirator mask.

2. Check all masks before treatment. Masks should be free of visible gross material of any nature, human or environmental. Remove using acceptable disinfectant. Cellulose masks with non-removable makeup or lipstick may not be treated.

3. Hold SteraMist® applicator in gloved hand with masks placed on a rack or hooks, ensuring both inside and outside of mask are accessible.

4. Applicator nozzle should be kept approximately 18 inches away from masks at all times while applying SteraMist®.

5. Press trigger on applicator and once mist is dispensing from nozzle pass the mist directly over the outside of the mask two to three (2-3) times (approximately 4 seconds).

6. Flip masks over and repeat step 4 to apply SteraMist® to the inside of the mask.

7. Hang respirator mask in storage cabinet or locker for minimum 1 hour before using mask again.

8. Technician should wash gloved hands before removing gloves, then wash bare hands again once gloves are removed.

To ensure continued efficacy, cellulose masks can only be treated four times.

Steramist, disinfection & decontamination of P95 respirator mask

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