playbook for reopening businesses amid COVID-19

This Fortune 500 company has a plan for reopening amid COVID-19 and is sharing it with everyone

Lear Corp., a global supplier of vehicle components, is opening up its playbook. The manual, a 51-page, highly detailed set of protocols for facilities on everything from creating an in-house pandemic response team to sanitation procedures for production lines to social distancing in break rooms, seeks to meld company practices with guidelines issued by the World Health Organization and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A note to all Readers
The information contained in the Lear Safe Work Playbook represents Lear’s current
practices regarding the recommended operation of its manufacturing facilities,
where and when permitted by law, during this time of the unprecedented COVID-19
pandemic. The health and safety of our employees is our number one priority, and
our hope in sharing this information is that it may be of assistance to others.

Table of Contents

Letter from the CEO
 Plant Opening Protocols
Pandemic Response Team
Preventative Material Inventory
Personal Protective Equipment
Disinfection Measures
Deep-Cleaning and Disinfection Protocol
Inbound Parts/Materials/Packages
Layered Audit Checklist
Isolation Protocol & Coordinator Training
Social Distancing Protocol
On-site Health Screening
Daily Self-Screening Protocol
Self-Quarantining and Return to Work Protocol
Visitors & Contractors Self-Screening
Labor Relations Alignment
Employee Training
Return to Work Training Plans
Pre-Return to Work Trainings
First Day Trainings/Operations
Health & Wellness
Facility Signage