biosafety planning & consulting services / Our 2 steps assessment


During the Facility Assessment Phase, Vibraclean will help you understand your organization’s current biosafety standing and provide guidance on improving standards through the implementation of targeted best practices.


Vibraclean measures your facility’s bioburden levels using advanced tools and methods–areas with high bioburden levels are at increased risk of infection. Given your bioburden levels, organizations are able to target their sanitation efforts on high risk areas given the size and complexity of the environment. Findings from the audit can be accessed through an easy-to-use dashboard designed to help you visualize and interpret bioburden levels across your facilities. Our auditing process is grounded in sound sanitation science, meaning that all our procedures and practices are proven through peer-reviewed research.


Vibraclean completes an on-site assessment of your facility and puts together a tailored biosafety report intended to help you understand your organization’s infection risk. The biosafety report includes (major components). Vibraclean will have your customized biosafety report delivered within 5 business days of the audit.

Audit & Planning

On-Site Assessment
Deep-Cleaning and Disinfection Protocol
Advanced Cleaning Verification


After the Facility Assessment Phase, you decide what follow-on services and supplies you need based on our previous findings.

Ask an Expert:

Vibraclean is comprised of a team of certified biosafety experts with experience handling public health emergencies like H1N1 and SARS. You can schedule appointments with them to discuss any biosafety issues, questions, or concerns that arise. Appointments are guaranteed within 24 hours of your inquiry.

Routine Preventative Disinfection:

Vibraclean disinfects high-risk areas of your facility on a regular schedule to proactively prevent the emergence of infection. Vibraclean always deploys world-class disinfection solutions customized to the needs of your workforce and the unique challenges posed by your worksite.

Emergency Supervision:

The quality of your emergency response directly impacts the health of your workforce and bottom line. Ineffective response efforts lead to longer periods of time without operations and more sick employees. Today, most organizations outsource emergency response efforts to 3rd party vendors. However, it’s difficult for these organizations to evaluate the quality of their work, which is a major concern given that many vendors are under qualified, ill-prepared, and ill-informed about disinfection science.

To help organizations solve this problem, Vibraclean sends a highly trained biosafety specialist to oversee and supervise all aspects of the vendor’s emergency response effort, ensuring that all necessary safety precautions are followed correctly.

Access to disinfection supplies & personal protective equipment (PPE):

Your organization needs access to certain disinfection supplies and equipment for routine prevention and emergencies. Vibraclean helps you determine what supplies you need and then, depending on availability, Vibraclean can either sell you those supplies or help you obtain them from another vendor. Vibraclean will also handle the storage of all your supplies so you don’t have to keep it at your facility.