The Flash-Thru UV-C Disinfection Chamber is a simple disinfection pass-through system designed for use in any setting, but particularly caters to the needs of those in healthcare, pharmaceutical, laboratory, or research settings.

Flash-Thru provides a swift and highly effective method to disinfect equipment, tablet computers, laptops, keyboards, phones, miscellaneous electronics, instruments, and components to reduce the transfer of organisms.

Flash-Thru offers dual-door design to enable a way to disinfect components in between an ordinary room and a clean, disinfected room without any risk of cross-contamination. Items enter the Flash-Thru, remain in the chamber until exposure time has elapsed, and then the items are ready to be accessed inside the clean room from the chamber’s door on that end. Items are now disinfected and can be appropriately used without risk of contaminating the facility.


  • The Flash-Thru contains 6 protected UV-C bulbs to provide increased disinfection coverage of items placed inside the chamber.
  • The Flash-Thru provides over 1000 µW/cm2 of UV-C intensity. This intensity correlates to a 60 mJ/cm2 UV-C dosage during a one minute exposure.
  • The Flash-Thru’ UV-C output was validated using two independent UV-C Sensors, the Solar Light Company’s PMA1122 Germicidal UVC Sensor and the General® UV512C Digital UVC Meter.


  • Easily operated with minimal training.
  • No chemicals to store and handle.
  • Simple manual timer to set disinfection time.
  • The Flash-Thru has two transparent doors, allowing visual confirmation that the unit is working properly.


  • The door contains a safety switch which turns the unit off if the door is opened during an exposure.
  • The glass door blocks UV-C wavelengths from passing through, such that it is safe to look through the glass while the unit is running.


  • Usable Space for items: 14”H x 17.5”D x 17.5”W
  • Overall Dimensions: 23.5”H x 22.25”D x 22.5”W
  • Power: 115 VAC, 60 Hz, 3 Amps
  • UV-C Output:60 mJ/cm2 per minute (1000 µw/cm2)

Mfd by Clordisys Solutions Inc